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Sex Therapy

Dr.Surender Kumar Jindal, Master in Psychology, Sex Therapy and Counselling Service.

The Sex Therapy and Counselling Service offered by DR. SURENDER KUMAR JINDAL.


The service is set up specifically for the treatment of various aspects of sexual difficulties. These difficulties may be of either organic or psychological origins. The range of sexual dysfunction management can be broadly broken down into two: Sex Therapy and Psychosexual Counselling.

Sex Therapy

Sex therapy is offered for the treatment of all clinical sexual dysfunctions. These include:

    In Male:
  1. Primary and secondary impotence;
  2. premature ejaculation;
  3. retarded ejaculation;
  4. inhibition of sexual desire.
    In Female:
  1. Vaginismus;
  2. dyspareunia,
  3. anorgasmia;
  4. coital orgasmic dysfunction;
  5. inhibition of sexual desire.

Psychosexual Counselling

Psychosexual counselling is offered for a range of disorders such as: general sexual problems, sexual health concerns, sexual phobias and paraphilias, gender dysphoria and sexual orientation difficulties. Others include rape victims, survivors of childhood sexual abuse; pre and post abortion counselling. Risk assessment is carried out on sexual offenders and counselling offered where appropriate.

The need for a sex therapy and counselling service

People often wonder what happened in the past to patients suffering from sexual difficulty.
A commonly held belief is that "people just got on with it" and somehow managed quite well without any help for their sexual difficulty. This assumption is far from true. Sexual problems left untreated, like any other disorder, have far reaching consequences. The social costs in marital breakdown, infertility and offending behaviour is well known. These factors in turn escalate health costs and human suffering from the resultant mental health problems such as low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, insomnia etc.
If the patient's source problem is one of sexual difficulty then these complications will continue to persist. If sexual disorder is suspected to be widespread, it is a wonder why more specialist treatment centres are not available. There are many reasons for this.

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In conclusion, the answer to the question, "sex therapy and counselling service - who needs it?", is "many more patients than currently have the opportunity to access such a service".

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