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Counseling can help resolve relationship problems.

Relationship Counseling

Reasons For Relationship Problems

The aim of this counseling is to help a couple identify and resolve problem areas in their relationship. The reasons for attending marriage counseling may vary from a breakdown in communication to infidelity and conflict over finances. While a counselor cannot wave a wand and make a bad marriage work again, he can help a couple work together to resolve their issues by acting as a mediator. Accepting you have problems in a relationship is the first step to dealing with them. Instructions
  • Make your partner aware that you wish to attend marriage counseling and that you want her to attend the meetings with you. If your relationship is at the stage that you require counseling, then she is unlikely to be shocked or upset. Do not let this discussion descend into an argument; it is important that you both agree on what you want from your counseling.
  • Results/ Symptoms Of Relationship Problems

  • Ask your doctor to refer you both to an appropriate counselor. Alternatively, you can choose your own therapist.
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  • Check your chosen counselor's credentials, and search for any reviews or people who have had success with him in the past. Make sure that both you and your partner are aware of the time, date and location of your first appointment.
  • Be honest. Once your sessions begin, it is important that both you and your partner are honest with your counselor as well as each other. If you are embarrassed about telling your counselor how you feel about certain things, explain this to her so she can provide the necessary help.
  • Prepare to hear things you will not like. In order to find the underlying cause of your relationship problems, it will be necessary for the counselor to ask awkward questions, which you both may find difficult to answer. Being honest means potentially hurting each other's feelings in order to work through conflict and solve problems. If you both hold back through fear of offending the other, you will be unable to move on. Your therapist cannot help you with potential issues if you insist on keeping them to yourself.
  • Make a commitment to attend all of your counseling sessions. If you feel your interest waning and you feel ready to give up, discuss these feelings with your counselor. Avoid missing appointments, and keep on top of any exercises your counselor has asked you to do in your time away from her.
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    Tips & Warnings

  • Ideally, a couple should attend marriage counseling together. However, individual counseling is still successful in many cases, according to Dr. S.K.Jindal.
  • Your counselor is there to give you guidance, encouragement and advice. He cannot tell you what to say or do. Ultimately, you and your partner need to make the changes in order for your relationship to work.

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    All Conversation Between The counselor and the visitor will and should be kept as a secret and however, must not be disclosed anywhere. The consultation has to be done free minded and with no hesitation.

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