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Psychosexual Counseling

Dr. Surender jindal

Counsellor and Pyscho Sexual Therapist

Hello, I'm Dr.Jindal and I am a Counsellor and a Psycho sexual therapist. With you and your partner, I will help you to work out what your sexual problems are and why they are affecting you as a loving couple and interfering with your relationship.

Are you or your partner struggling with a sexual problem?

By reading this far you are probably already contemplating finding help. Lots of people have sexual difficulties but don't think they can be helped and decide to 'live with it', and end up living in ways which are potentially damaging to themselves, their partner and their loved ones.

What is a Psychosexual Therapist?

A psychosexual therapist is a professional who specialises in working with problems of a sexual nature and has been trained to diagnose and treat all kinds of sexual difficulties, as well as helping you to work with the cause.
These professionals usually already have a background in a Psychotherapeutic area and will have been working as a Counsellor or Psychotherapist for a number of years.

What causes sexual problems?

The problems can be caused by lots of different reasons, some of which are below;
Physical: Possible effect of medications or an accident,
Situational: Times like holidays, or a change in your living patterns.
Emotional: General unhappiness which can include affairs, - bereavement, and worry.
Psychological: Including, anxiety, depression.

Some of the problems you may be experiencing include;

  • Erectile dysfunction - difficulty in having or keeping an erection
  • Male and female loss of desire - just don't feel like it!
  • Painful intercourse e.g. vaginismus, life changes
  • Worries or concerns over certain areas of sex
  • No longer have or have never had an orgasm
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Confusion with your sexual identity
  • Re-Live Your Life again...
    There are many other reasons why intimacy is no longer part of your relationship and sexual intercourse may have become a problem recently or gradually 'stopped happening' over many years. Please call in confidence and discuss your issues and concerns. I will be happy to help you with all aspects of sexuality and problems. I am an experienced and professional therapist and qualified to work with your sexual and relationship problems privately and discreetly.

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    Or simply, For more information contact Dr. S.K. Jindal.

    Disclaimer/ Privacy Policy:

    All Conversation Between The counselor and the visitor will and should be kept as a secret and however, must not be disclosed anywhere. The consultation has to be done free minded and with no hesitation.

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