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Marriage Counseling

pre-marriage/ post-psycho-sexual Counseling

We believe in the philosophy that "Marriages are forever" which is why we have initiated a FREE Relationship Helpline. If you have any issues related to marriage, pre-marriage or general relationship/parenting issues, you can either call or post your queries to US All queries posted will not be published and replies will be sent only to the concerned person's e-mail ID. For telephone queries your confidentiality will be strictly maintained. More than 1000 queries answered satisfactorily!

Marriage & Couple Counseling

Couples, whether married or in a committed relationship can benefit from counseling to help resolve conflict, increase intimacy and improve communication skills. Our approach to relationship counseling is directive and focused on present and future direction. We integrate the theories and methodologies, Choice theory, and attachment theory. Our focus is to help bring about small change in a short period of time such as 4-6 sessions and help improve client's relationships. Further work may be required to increase the couple's functionality. We are happy to speak with you about our approach or answer any questions you may have Most common reasons for couple counseling include:
  • Emotional Unhappiness/lack of love in relationship
  • Communication Issues
  • Divorce/Separation Concerns
  • Desire to Improve the Relationship
  • Arguments/Anger
  • Sex/Physical Affection Differences
  • Conflict escalation without resolution
  • Pre-marriage and Post-Marriage Counseling
What things to be kept in mind, before or after marriage?
Couples planning to get married, newlyweds or honeymoon couples can benefit from relationship skills that will ensure a successful marriage. A strong marriage requires good relationship and communications skills. It also requires couples to have skills to manage inevitable conflict issues smoothly so that it is a win- win for everyone. When couples are in love and feeling better than they ever had it is very easy to overlook issues that show signs of being problematic. While planning to get married no one wants to think about future problems or difficulties. However, a mature realization is to realize that love can go carry a couple so far and that the ability to have a successful marriage is dependent on a coupleís ability to manage their differences successfully. Research shows that the divorce rate INCREASED DAY BY DAY.

For second marriages the divorce rate is much more. Itís clear that people can benefit from learning more effective relationship skills to ensure a happy, long and successfully marriage. Our pre-marriage and post marriage counseling will teach you how both people can get their needs met in a relationship. Unlike most classes that just show you were you are incompatible, our pre-marriage counseling teaches you effective skills to manage expectations, conflict and communication. Doubts about Marriage Increase Risk of Divorce at Year 4- Pre-Marriage Counseling a Good Idea Our counseling is customized to help you take good relationship concepts and implement them.

Typical things covered are:

  • Communication Issues
  • Expectations
  • Conflict Manage
  • Problem Solving skills enhancement
  • Understanding impact of perception of your partner
Results - things when kept in mind
The focus of pre-marriage counseling is to help couples clarify and define a common relationship platform from which to make relationship goals and decisions. The sessions are focused on teaching clients skills that will help them avoid common negative relationship traps and build a strong relationship. A couple faced with the realization that one partner has had an affair whether sexual or emotional (via the internet, porn, or sex-texting) is in real crisis. The partner who has discovered the affair can almost meet the criteria for post-traumatic stress syndrome. A relationship can survive an affair; however it requires work and commitment on both parties to want to save the relationship. Integrative approaches that use narrative therapy and solution focused and choice theory are used to work through the affair, attempt to establish a new platform to build trust and engage in a building a new relationship. If your relationship has faced this crisis, then, contact us to find out how we can help you.

Infertility Couple Counseling

Keep your Stress All Away!
Counseling before starting infertility treatments has been found to be an effective measure against the ensuing stress and anxiety of treatments and can help protect and stabilize the marriage. In many countries it is mandatory part of infertility treatments. For couples finding them engaging in infertility treatments and dealing with the realities of infertility, a common consequence is distress in the relationship or marriage. Infertility is a private matter and often a couple can only turn to each other. When a couple faces disconnect in the urgency of the problem or in how each person communicates their concerns, unhappiness, isolations and disconnection can follow. contact us to find out how we can help you.

Disclaimer/ Privacy Policy:

All Conversation Between The counselor and the visitor will and should be kept as a secret and however, must not be disclosed anywhere. The consultation has to be done free minded and with no hesitation.

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