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About Counselor - DR.S.K. JINDAL

Teenage/Adolscence/ Marriage and Family Counselor in Delhi.

Dr. S.K. Jindal has completed his Medical from M.D.University,Rohtak, Haryana.
Further, he has completed his L.L.B. from C.C.S.University,MEERUT, U.P. to get some more perfection.
Also, He received his masters degree in Psychology.

Dr. S.K. Jindal also says: "Since, the beginning of my studies I enjoyed working with teenagers and couples. I have always been able to connect with them and always got a lot out of my time with them. Itís a profession perfectly suited to me. I love what I do and I look forward to meeting with you and your family." which states that he is passionate about his work.

Sincere & Highly Professional,
Psychologist (Teenage, Adolescence, Marriage & Family Counselor)

Disclaimer/ Privacy Policy:

All Conversation Between The counselor and the visitor will and should be kept as a secret and however, must not be disclosed anywhere. The consultation has to be done free minded and with no hesitation.

"making life easier and simple to live and laugh"